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Let me help your social enterprise with 

A clear brand story
sells a lot easier. 

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Save marketing budget

Increase your turnover

Increase your impact 

Writing a sympathetic, sustainable mission statement is easy.

But how do you sell your product to the rest of the world after your enthusiastic friends & family?


Are you a do-gooder and you need to do more marketing because your social enterprise is not growing like you thought it would? The possibilities in marketing and media can feel quite overwhelming, but it all starts with a strong brand story for the target audience you choose and the problem you solve. I use the Storybrand framework for this.


Let me help you create your brand story and translate it into a super simple marketing approach that directly leads to more sales. This not only grows your business and your intended impact, but also your self-confidence.

Aan de slag


Make a appointment

I am curious how your company or organization contributes to a better world and what your challenges are. 


Receive an action plan for your team

The nicest thing is to work on your   Storybrand brand script together under my guidance with your team. In just a few hours, you'll get a clear brand story and practical marketing tips to get you started tomorrow.


Grow your business and increase your impact 

With a clear brand story you let your sales funnel work while you sleep and dream about your next goals.

Write a brand script that sells.


I've been in advertising for 30 years

Since I created the very first website for Volkswagen Netherlands in 1996, so much has changed in our online world. For fifteen years I have trusted my gut feeling to help well-known brands with their online marketing. I mainly worked for clients and 'for profit' and for winning creative prizes, but whether the world always got better because of it... That is why I have been working exclusively for social enterprises or non-profit organizations for the past fifteen years. Together with people from my network, I help them with campaigns and coaching.


Since six months I mainly apply the Storybrand framework in my thinking and doing. I really should have done that much sooner. The best solutions often turn out to be surprisingly simple: Storybrand framework is therefore easy to apply by everyone. This makes it so much fun not only to work for, but especially with my clients. 


Book a free website scan

In only 30 minutes I will show you which changes will make your website sell better.

raoul kuiper

Successful marketing doesn't have to be difficult.

Let me tell you how

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