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What happens before we buy our meat in the shop?

At K( )E 7951 you know which cow you actually eat. I call it ‘conscious meat eating’. We appreciate the different specific kinds of meat in stead of grinding half the cow into minced meat.

When I met a cattleman in a bar in beautiful Bergen, I was just curious how much he sold his cows for and how many pounds of meat it would produce. Finding thirty other families to share my 880 pounds of meat with seemed do-able for me. So I bought my first cow in a bar. Her number was 7951.

This got me into an adventure through ‘the meat industry’ together with Christel van der Meer, documentary filmmaker who spontaneously produced movie clips to inform our growing group of conscious meat eaters. We ended up buying three cows and gave out the meat packages during a special dinner where beautiful dishes were made from ‘uncommon parts’.

K( )E 7951 announced ready to be butchered cows with a picture to share their meat. A process that is now commonly called ‘crowdbutching’. Which in fact is just an ancient custom we gradually forgot.

In 2015 I ceased the project and until today farmer Jeroen still sells his meat this way. You can order it at his new website Boer Jeroen.





“Sharing K( )7951”- The movie 





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