CleanupTogether – Independent

Reading about the worldwide problems of plastic soup pollution our oceans I participated in some beach clean up activities. While many bright minds like Boyan Slat are creating solutions to clean up the ocean gyres, this will only really help if we clean up beaches and rivers to stop pollution from entering our waters. But money alone won’t pick up a damn piece of plastic. We literally need the hands of many to collect pollution along our beaches and riverbeds.

That’s why we have built the first tailormade mobile platform for organising cleanups.

Stand up! Clean up!
CleanupTogether empowers volunteers to offer their time to any cleanup organisation close by. Whether they are at home or on holiday. This way we use our volunteers’ available time to the fullest. With CleanupTogether our volunteers are now able to choose for themselves which cleanup fits best in their often busy agenda’s.

Powerup your cleanup
Apart from selecting reported waste spots in your region, we rally volunteers for you and ensure easy volunteer registration and on the spot communication during your cleanups. We have implemented some clever functionalities for that.


After two years of programming together with a fantastic team, followed by a year of intensively contacting cleanup organisers to add their cleanups, it just didn’t fly. Maybe a shared platform for all cleanup organisations was just a step too far. Or maybe the functionalities where just not appealing enough. Either way, we cannot afford to spend more money and time on it.

We wish everybody the best of luck in their journey to cleanup the world. Please keep on supporting organisations that matter! (You might still download the app:  IOS  and Android)