Beeld en Geluid – Independent

Beeld en Geluid (Vision and Sound) archives and digitalises (almost) all Dutch media to date. After seven years of digitalising it’s time to show the Dutch where their tax money was invested in and what treasures to find. Together with Edwin Kool we formed a team with the communication department of Beeld en Geluid to work on a new communication strategy and kick-off campaign.

Apart from the well know iconic building, their channel site and exhibitions, we especially take their content to places and events where ‘Beeld en Geluid’ will add more context. Like a VJ show containing old AV material at the yearly ‘Sneekweek’ sailing festival.

Logo and pay off


By just adding the word ‘IN’ to the existing logo (spelling ‘in sound and vison’), we created a simpel but clever way to show the fast  amount of sound and vision the institute has archived over time. Just by adding the subject on their curated online history channel, their offline exhibitions and well known events we .

Beeld en Geluid on the Sneekweek
Website full of channels