Freelance creative strategist with a hunger for good brands and purposeful projects.

The last twenty years I’ve lead different ad agencies as a strategist and creative, working for many respectable brands. With the sole purpose of raising the bottom line of our clients. And well, we did a good job and I’m grateful for all I learned.

But after reaching forty and reading a lot of good, I’ve set myself to explore the possibility to do good in many ways, both business wise and personal wise.

Our planets infinity in resources and balance has reached its limits. And classical capitalism loses our social and even ethical values. We need to turn around, look again and re-invent ourselves finding better solutions.

What makes your brand a well known brand?

Starting online brand activation and interactive thinking in the early nineties, I soon experienced that what you DO as a brand is so much more powerful than TELL.

As a Creative Strategist I help brands with their ‘brand manifestation’. What makes us exceptional and how do we prove this in a clever and creative way? From classic advertising to viral marketing, from shaping the on- and offline customer experience to helping create the products, apps and services that fits your mission.

Do you have some challenges to solve?
I can help you getting it done. I work together with a brands team or help agencies with campaigns or pitches. Just drop me an e-mail via Linkedin

Because I like working with companies rather than for companies  I joined  Generous Minds in April 2015. Generous Minds is a powerful collective of Covestors: like-minded experts, entrepreneurs and investors. We use our Covestment method to develop and coach start ups, medium and small businesses, and corporate enterprises with capital and know-how.

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